After her graduation in Graphic Design from the Ateliers de Sèvres (Paris) and EPSAA,
Caroline Andrieu has been the art director of Condé Nast Digital France, for Vogue and GQ websites during five years.
In 2011, she joined GQ print magazine graphic studio and is now deputy art director.

Daughter of a French print maker and a Slovakian librarian,
the young artist has always been passionate about the print object and was drawn into two cultures.
During her studies, her imagination was stimulated by Ingres's classic drawings, surrealism, contemporary art or graphic novels.
She gets inspiration from many major sources including contemporary photography or independent movies.

Since she joined Condé Nast, her interest for fashion has been expending. The illustrator focused on her practice of portrait – her family, faces of actors she finds in magazines- to the catwalks.
Each season, she selects pictures from Paris, Milan, London or New York and she offers her vision. « What interests me is to liven up the sensuality of materials, of colors, to translate the model's expressions and sophistication of the hairstyles. Bring back a picture to Life. »
Like silent movies' actress, Lara Stone, Eniko Mihalik, Julia Nobis and the others, the model finds a personality. At first glance, those powerful and fleeting images looks like watercolours.
Caroline realises it on large papers and uses colour pencils for the details and inks to boost the drawing and make it thicker.

Her drawings are now attracting clients from all around the world. She already collaborated with sharp and confidential editorials like the pitchfork revue, Rouge (China),
major titles such as Variety, Vogue (France, Turkey), Glamour, Elle or Nylon, advertisements for luxury brands (BMW Magazine, Diesel Factory, Lancôme).
Caroline also likes more intimate projects, like the accessories she's designing for the trendy eyewear brand Waiting for the Sun, or t-shirts with poetic drawings she creates for Gat Rimon and for the Swedish brand POPCPH.
She also knows how to tackle ambitious projects: Printemps Haussmann in Paris commissioned her drawings for its window display, several times.
In the winter 2012, she participated in a group exhibition named « Faces » in Paris’s 12 Mail Gallery with the Comics world’s greatest names and signatures.

She has illustrated the Fashion Insiders Guides of Paris for Abram’s Edition in New York. But most of all, she continues to draw the people around her, an almost daily practice, « for the sake of the true portrait ».